How was AGJ established?

The Academy of Gastronomy Japan (AGJ) was established in March, 2011 at an induction dinner held by Rafael Anson (Honorary Chairman of the International Academy of Gastronomy & President and Founder of the Real Academia Espanola de Gastronomia) at the Spanish Ambassador’s residence in Tokyo. The inaugural members of AGJ were officially installed at this dinner and Sakiko Yamada first president of the Academy of Gastronomy Japan.

In 2012, AGJ was officially approved by the board members of the International Academy of Gastronomy (IAG) at an annual meeting held in Paris, making Japan the first official IAG Academy member from Asia.

  • Induction dinner at the Spanish Ambassador's residence in Tokyo
    with the honorary board member of International Academy of Gastronomy Dr. Rafael Anson, Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador and the members of Academy of Gastronomy Japan.